Mission Statement

To promote the advancement of Coloproctology and allied subjects.

To co-ordinate and correlate the efforts of organizations, companies, associations, societies, institutions, statutory bodies and other authorities and individuals interested in Coloproctology or allied subjects, in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease with a view to reducing mortality therefore in Hong Kong.

To provide information and education to the public for the prevention and treatment of common colorectal problems.

To stimulate public interest and provide public education in the Coloproctology and related subjects and to assist in keeping the medical profession in Hong Kong up to date in the latest development in the field of medical and scientific research.

To encourage, assist and arrange for medical practitioners, scientists, students and others to come to Hong Kong for the purpose of research and study and for the purpose of teaching and demonstrating theory and practice related to the causes, diagnosis and treatment.

To encourage, assist and arrange for medical practitioners, scientists, students and others to travel abroad and engage in research study and training and to gain experience in Coloproctology.

To encourage, arrange for and assist medical practitioners, scientists, students and others from Hong Kong and from aboard to undertake research in basic sciences of Coloproctology and to acquire training in Coloproctology.

To encourage, arrange, form, promote, establish and support non-profit making special dispensary facilities, infirmaries, clinics and institutions in Coloproctology.

To arrange or provide monetary assistance for and establish scholarships and make donations to students, medical practitioners, scientists and other persons for the purpose of teaching and demonstrating their professional skill in and knowledge of Coloproctology.

To undertake all such measures for the care, aid, protection, education, recreation and rehabilitation of persons suffering from disease as the Council from time to time determine.

To build, establish, maintain, manage or operate non-profit making hospitals, sanatoria, nursing homes, clinics, dispensaries, laboratories, research units and hostels.

To promote, establish, superintend, conduct, control and assist within Hong Kong branches, committees and other forms of organization and administration for the purpose of widening the influence and operations of the Society.